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Color Run - Donation FAQs

HJS Color Run & Raffle Logo

General Color Run FAQs?

How do I register? Students are automatically registered once they reach $25 in donations.

Did my student earn a t-shirt? Once students reach $50 in donations, they earn a t-shirt. T-shirts will be handed out Friday during school.

My student doesn't want to run, but can they still earn incentives and participate in the raffle?  Absolutely! Students will get 1 raffle ticket for every $5 raised and are eligible for the incentive levels even if they don't stay for the run.

It's called a run, but my student doesn't want to or can't run? No problem. This is a fun event with students often jogging or even walking the course. It isn't timed and there is no prize for completing. Students have fun hanging with their friends. 

Will the color stay on clothes after washing? No! But if you want to preserve the color, check out this article.

General Color Run Donation FAQs

How can I/my business contribute to the Color Run? We'd love your support! Please review the Sponsor Flyer for details on Sponsorship levels and donations. Contact with questions.

Do I have to use the online link to submit a donation? No! While we are offering the online platform this year, we will also accept check and cash donations using the paper donation form. Simply fill out and have your student turn into their THAWKS teacher or drop off in the office. We will manually add any cash/check donations to their pledge page to track all donations. 

How do I submit a company match for a donation? Many companies will match employee donations to a non-profit organization and may be included on a student’s donor form. The company website should have a form employees fill out to apply for a matching donation/gift. If you do not find one on the company website, a human resources representative at your company should be able to provide you one.

PTSO Information for Matching Donation Forms

Hopewell Junior School PTSO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Tax ID/Charity EIN#: 90-0014284
8200 Cox Rd,
West Chester, OH 45069

Non-Profit Description
HJS PTSO partners with educational staff and the community to enhance curriculum and raise funds to support the school. Currently, PTSO is promoting the HJS Color Run & Raffle to gain sponsors and raise funds for a year’s worth of PTSO programs to support Hopewell’s parents, teachers and students.

Confirmation of Matching Funds
You should receive a confirmation form your company on whether your request for a matching donation was approved. Please send a copy of this confirmation with your Color Run


99Pledges Platform FAQs

Why don't the suggested donations match the incentive levels? Unfortunately the 99Pledges platform sets the default donation amounts and we are unable to customize to match that of our event. Please select 'Other' to enter the amount you wish to contribute. No amount is too small! 

Do I have to add a tip to my donation? No! We are using 99Pledges because it is a free platform for us to use with the only fee being credit card transaction fees. This allows us to keep more money for the event and our programs. We are thankful organizations like 99pledges give us this opportunity and if a donor would like to add a 'tip' as a thank you for us getting to keep more of the dollars raised, they would appreciate your support. 

How do I find my student? Simply type in the student name in the search bar with the tooltip 'search for participant'. All students that were registered before August 1st were pre-loaded and should already be listed.

My student is not listed. Email and we will confirm student enrollment in the school and get them added right away. 

Can I manage my student's page to customize with their photo and personalize the message? Yes! Please email and we will add an email address to the student's page so that you can personalize it and send emails to family and friends directly through the website.