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Welcome to Hopewell Junior's
Innovation Hub

Hopewell Junior's Innovation Hub is the product of reimagining our school's media center to meet the changing needs of education and continue providing a first class learning experience for all students. 

Fostering Creativity & Collaboration

The Hub literally serves as an extension to our classrooms and supports hands-on, application-based learning across many different subject areas. By encouraging face-to-face interaction alongside the use of digital tools, the space fosters creativity and collaboration. 

Flexible furniture keeps the space fluid and applicable to all types of learning. From whole classes to small groups to individuals, the Hub is conducive to all different projects and purposes. 

Digital Learning Resources

The Hub continues providing students with access to books and online resources for their reading enjoyment or research. Programs like InfOhio, GALE and Follett provide students with the opportunity to explore curated content for their learning and research.

Innovative Learning

The Hub is also the destination for cutting edge technologies that expand the learning process, like: 
  • Virtual reality experiences that break down the walls of the classroom;
  • Video filming and editing software, as well as a sound recording booth, that encourages digital communication;
  • 3D printing capabilities that empowers students to create and innovate; and
  • Learning spaces to brainstorm, plan, and bring learning to life. 

1:1 Support

In light of the 1:1 technology model, the Hub's staff provides direct support to staff and students, alike, who need assistance with their Chromebook. Our innovation specialist is not only a resource for students seeking support and teachers seeking professional development for better integrating digital resources and tools into their daily classwork. 

The space is also about empowering students and staff to take a leadership role in supporting their peers and colleagues in using digital tools effectively. Student and staff leaders play a big role in keeping our Hub resourceful and relevant. 

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Heidi Adams Innovation Specialist

Heidi Adams
Innovation Specialist
[email protected]