Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The safety, health, and well-being of Lakota students, staff, volunteers, and visitors is a top priority. The purpose of this webpage is to provide parents, students, volunteers, and visitors with information on district safety programs and links to helpful resources. These links are suggested as additional information and resources that may be helpful to our parents, and should not be considered an endorsement of any organization, service or program.

General Safety Guidelines

  • Schools in Lakota conduct all safety drills required by law and by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Visitors to Lakota schools must sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while at the school.
  • Video cameras are used to monitor activity throughout the schools.
  • Any volunteer with unsupervised access to students will be required to pass a criminal background check.
  • Bullying and hazing activities of any type are prohibited. No school district employee shall encourage, permit, authorize, condone, or tolerate any bullying or hazing activity.
  • Any chemicals brought into a school or on school grounds must have a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Safety Tip Line

Safer Schools Ohio Tip Line (text or call 844-SAFEROH)

News & Announcements
Lakota Announces Continued Commitment to Safety, Security Efforts
Earlier this year, Lakota announced that it was researching new safety and security measures that go beyond the November 2013 levy commitments. “We have been exploring new initiatives for the safety and well-being of our district for the past year. Prior to the proposed levy, Lakota had already committed to the implementation of some of these programs,” said Superintendent Matthew Miller. “Those plans remain in place even after today’s withdrawal from the county-wide levy.”
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Information on County School Safety & Security Levy
At the June 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting, Jenni Logan, Treasurer/CFO of Lakota Local Schools, presented information regarding the proposed county-wide school safety and security levy.
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