VIDEO: Lakota Experts Share Mental Health Tips

VIDEO: Lakota Experts Share Mental Health Tips
Posted on 04/07/2020
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Lakota’s emphasis on social, emotional and mental health has become even more pronounced as students and staff start to feel the toll of our recent break in routine. In addition to the resources, tips and guidance Lakota experts are sharing with their families to help guide them through this pandemic, Lakota is sharing brief video messages from our full range of mental health experts. 

Lakota counselors, therapists, nurses and others weigh in on what small actions can help keep our minds healthy and happy during these uncertain times. From developing a schedule to spending more time outside, their guidance suggests small daily changes that can make a big difference in one’s mental health and well-being. 

“In thinking about this time where we feel like there’s a lot out of our control, a way to bring control back to our everyday life is to think about things that we have that we are in control of,” said Creekside ECS counselor Jennifer Russell, suggesting family games to bring joy and laughter into the home. 

Dana Auer, the licensed therapist from at Plains Junior School, shares the power of a daily schedule. “If you stick to a schedule everyday - and it doesn’t have to be super rigid, just something that helps you to know what’s going to happen every day - I guarantee you you’ll feel better,” she said. 

Watch the first edition in this continuing video series about maintaining social, emotional and mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis.