Tennis (Girls)

FALL 2017


Thank you for your interest in tennis. Try-outs will begin Wednesday August 2nd. All practices and try-outs will run every weekday from 3:00 to 4:30. You will need to bring your completed physical to the first tryout. All other paperwork can be completed on Finalforms. (See the attached directions for parents and students.)

Matches will begin 15 minutes after the other team arrives or whenever we arrive. The start time is a best guess, but please understand we begin as early as possible to secure as much daylight and to take advantage of the weather as best we can. Matches can end as early as 5:15 and may last until 7:00.

Please make sure you bring a water bottle with you during practice as the weather can be punishing.

As far as expenses go, It costs $150 to play, approximately $30-45 for uniforms and then around $30 for food after school during match days. This totals around $230.

All tennis players are expected to stay until the match is decided, i.e. until we know whether the team has won or lost. There are 5 matches played for the team, whenever we win 3 or lose 3 of those 5 matches then the team may go, though all are encouraged to stay and support the team. However in an effort to be reasonable, and allow for homework to be completed, tests to study for, this is the compromise between other commitments and being a team player.

A brief look at the schedule that can be found at Search for Hopewell Junior School. We are the second one listed.

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