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Visitors & Volunteers

Hopewell Junior is committed to providing a safe and inviting environment for students, staff and visitors. All visitors will be asked to identify themselves, both verbally and with a picture ID. If you are picking up a student early from school, please note that students will not be released from class during the school day until the identification process has occurred. 

Volunteers and guest speakers will also need to bring a picture ID each time that they visit Hopewell Junior. The state ID will be scanned by our Raptor security software, and upon completion of the scan, a visitor’s badge will be printed.

Visitor's Guide

We welcome visitors and volunteers to our school. All visitors must report to our Main Office. There you will be greeted, sign in and take a visitor's sticker. Our office team will be ready to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.

Following Lakota District policy, all visitors and volunteers are required to bring their photo ID with them to be run through our Raptor system. It can take a little while to scan the first time new visitor identification is run through the Raptor system. We encourage visitors & volunteers to arrive a little early to allow for the scanning of their ID and the printing of a badge to wear in the building. Non-staff members are prohibited from entering the building without having successfully passed a Raptor screening.