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Welcome To Hopewell Junior

Junior high school is an opportunity for our young people to find their voice, passion, and niche.  Hopewell Junior is a great place to do that. 

Our students walk out of HJS after eighth grade ready to compete with any student in the country.  A balance of rigor, compassion, and a focus on the growth of the whole child, allows our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  We pride ourselves in giving all students opportunities to find their own personal success in anything they would like to do.  And while society continues to change, HJS is constantly looking for the best opportunities for our students to meet those ever changing needs. 

Hopewell Junior, a place to learn, grow, and compete with the best.  Hopewell Junior, a place that Brings the Thunder!

Jeff Rouff

Mission Statement

We, at Hopewell Junior School, recognize the unique transitional nature of the middle school and the early adolescents whom we serve; therefore we believe it is our mission:

  • To provide and maintain a positive, safe school environment which promotes the academic, emotional, physical, and social well-being of all our students;* To foster an understanding of individual and cultural differences;
  • To instill in each student a sense of responsibility for learning;
  • To seek parental involvement and community support through mutual communication; and
  • To strive to be professional educators---cooperative, innovative, open to change, and willing to try new ideas. We believe that a collaborative effort towards these common goals will provide the skills necessary for our students to succeed in the world of the future.

brick building with words Hopewell Junior
8200 Cox Road
West Chester
FAX 513-777-1908