Hopewell Junior's Cafeteria Gets Makeover

Hopewell Junior's Cafeteria Gets Makeover
Posted on 08/27/2016
new cafeteria

There are many mechanics involved in feeding a school full of children, including ensuring the students receive their meal in a timely fashion while striving to maintain a simple, yet efficient traffic flow. Add in the need for noise control and it can be a challenge.

That's why Hopewell Junior's cafeteria underwent some renovations over the summer. By adding a new wall between the kitchen and cafeteria, the school improved not only the function, but also the atomosphere.

“These changes are benefitting our students in several ways,” says Jeff Rouff, Hopewell Junior principal. “In addition to improving the ease in which our students  move through the cafeteria, the updates are also aesthetically pleasing and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. We’re happy to launch the new year with these renovations.”

According to Chris Burkhardt, director of Child Nutrition, Shawnee Early Childhood School is also enjoying changes to their cafeteria, namely through serving line renovations and updates.